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Atlas Productions has engaged Al Ruddy to line up principals for a TV miniseries adaptation of Atlas Shrugged.

Atlas Productions produced the feature film trilogy of Ayn Rand’s classic novel. In doing so, CEO John Aglialoro earned the right for further adaptations in other formats. In light of the length and complexity of the novel, many fans have advocated the miniseries format—and, indeed, many would-be projects in that format, including one by Ayn Rand herself (and another by Ruddy)—were attempted prior to the recent feature films.

Ruddy has a long history of success in Hollywood. He made his name as producer of The Godfather (1972), and produced Academy Award winner Million Dollar Baby (2004), with Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank. In between, he negotiated with Rand in the 1970s to adapt Atlas Shrugged, and worked on a Turner Network Television miniseries project in 1999-2001.

“Al Ruddy is a legendary Producer,” says Aglialoro, “with an incredible track record and we’re very proud to have him on the team. While Al continues to explore different ways to approach the television series, the team remains steadfast with the knowledge that priority number one is ensuring that the message of Atlas, and Ayn Rand’s ideas, remain intact and are accurately represented. We look forward to bringing Atlas to a new audience in years to come.”

"Al Ruddy is a legendary producer."

Ruddy is speaking with potential directors, leads, and studios, using his extensive contacts to line up a project. In a recent private “Ask Me Anything” event on “Galt’s Gulch” (the Atlas Productions discussion forum), Ruddy posed several questions to members, including whether or not the series should take place in the same time period in which the book was written or, as suggested by Ruddy in a recent New York Times article, take place in the near future.

David Kelley, who consulted on the film scripts (and was lead writer on Galt’s speech in Part 3), commented, “Updating Atlas to the digital age, from the heavy industry setting of Ayn Rand’s novel, has been one of the hottest topics among her fans. The advantages are obvious. But the challenge is huge, in light of the complexity and tight integration of Rand’s plot. We are eager to see what Al brings to the table.”

Stay tuned for updates!


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