The Atlas Society's  special edition DVD of Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?  is available for pre-order at the movie's website.
Pre-ordering will have the DVD arrive on January 6. 
The Atlas Society's version for Part 3 will include  six insightful movie commentaries  by David Kelley, Objectivist philosopher at TAS. 

It will also include a talk by David Kelley from TAS's 2014 Atlas Summit called " The Sanction of the Victim ," exploring one of Atlas Shrugged's core themes.

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? will be for sale on Blu-Ray on November 28, the day after Thanksgiving. Ordering the Blu-Ray on "Black Friday" (November 28) will guarantee delivery by December 16. Digital versions of the movie will also be available for purchase on December 16 through iTunes. Fans can buy Part 3 individually or invest in the entire Atlas Shrugged trilogy. The Blu-Ray and iTunes versions of the whole Atlas Shrugged trilogy will include each of the films and all of The Atlas Society's special features for all three movies (plus special features from other organizations such as Reason and FreedomWorks). 

The movie team is also hosting a special week-long sale called 'Midas Mulligan's Black Friday Gulch Sale.' The Atlas Shrugged merchandise site is offering deep discounts on other items such as "I Am John Galt" t-shirts, dollar sign necklaces,  Rearden Metal bracelets, and official Galt's Gulch coins. Anything purchased at the movie merchandise store through The Atlas Society's affiliate link will allocate a portion of the profits to The Atlas Society, so purchase items for your friends and familty today.


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