Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? is now 5 weeks out after hitting theaters on September 2. The third Atlas Shrugged movie, based on the final part of Ayn Rand's iconic novel, debuted in over 200 theaters nation-wide. Atlas Society staff attended the world premiere on September 6 in Las Vegas, along with producers of the movie, lead actors and actresses, and a lot of enthusiastic fans. 

Atlas Society trustee and Atlas Shrugged movie producer John Aglialoro, Laura Regan (Dagny Taggart), and Atlas Society founder David Kelley. 

Left: Atlas Society CEO Aaron Day and Operations Executive Aaron Rainwater.
Right: TAS Director of Advocacy Edward Hudgins.  Dominic Daniel (Eddie Willers), Laura Regan (Dagny Taggart), and Kristoffer Polaha (John Galt). 

Left: Atlas Shrugged movie producer Joan Carter and Laura Regan (Dagny Taggart).
Right: David Kelley

Left: David Kelley and Atlas Shrugged co-producer Bernie Laramie.
Right: Atlas Shrugged director James Manera (See The Atlas Society's interview with James Manera .)

The Atlas Society's Aaron Rainwater and Ed Hudgins with TAS supporter Heather Wagenhals. 

 Atlas Society trustee Jay Lapeyre, Joan Carter, Atlas Shrugged producer Harmon Kaslow, Sally Lapeyre. 

Atlas Shrugged movie producer Scott DeSapio with wife Mila DeSapio and daughter.Producer John Aglialoro dancing with Joan Carter at the Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? world premiere.

Photos by Judd Weiss.
See more pictures of the premiere at the Atlas Shrugged movie's Facebook page .


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