September, 12, 2014 -- Exclusive clips form Atlas Shrugged Part 3 (in theaters starting today, 9.12) and commentary on the movie and Ayn Rand from liberty leaders like David Kelley of The Atlas Society, Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks, and Ron Paul.

FREE for 5 days: Sept. 14-18.

atlas shrugged part 3 reader Atlas Shrugged: The Novel, the Films, the Philosophy edited by David Kelley

Packed with fascinating exclusives, this book takes the reader on a unforgettable journey into the meaning and ideas in Atlas Shrugged. Explore why Ayn Rand wote the novel, why it seems "prophetic," and how the the ideas are related to a larger philosophy that Ayn Rand founded. Included: Extensive, behind-the-scenes coverage of the making of the movie and a unique chapter, written by script consultant David Kelley, on the challenges of creating philosophically sound and effective scripts for the film trilogy. And much more.

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