Atlas Summit attendees will have an unprecedented and exclusive opportunity to view and offer feedback on Atlas Shrugged Part III as it is in the process of final production. It’ll be like sitting in the producer’s chair as you view a full-length preview of Atlas Shrugged Part III.

Participate in the final edit of Atlas Shrugged Part III.

The producers are interested in the reaction of fans as they prepare the film for public release September 12th. They know that Atlas Summit attendees can be expected to provide the insight of people who know and love the story of Atlas Shrugged and are eager to see the film succeed.

When: The Friday, June 20 Dinner Event, “ A first look at Atlas Shrugged Part III will include the full-length preview, courtesy of the film producers. Not a trailer, not a few scenes, but the full movie in an early screening.
Join us at the Manchester Country Club for a delicious dinner, with a program that will include Associate Producer Scott DeSapio and consultant David Kelley. The speakers will share inside perspectives on the making and meaning of the film.
Viewers will be able to enjoy the full sweep and drama of the movie even though in some respects the film will be in draft (some scenes may not be completed, or they may lack the final music and color correction). This will be the earliest complete screening of Atlas Shrugged Part III.
Join us at the Atlas Summit to take part in this fabulous once-in-a-lifetime event and to make your own impact on the development of this epochal film. 

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