Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? has wrapped up filming and is now moving through post production. In this third installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie series, we will finally get a sustained look at the character of John Galt, in contrast to the mere glimpses we’ve had of him throughout the first and second parts.
In Who Is John Galt? we will find him in conversations with “the men of the mind” in the gulch, pursuing his romance with Dagny Taggart, and fulfilling his mission to liberate the human spirit.  
Here are three movie items online right now to celebrate Part 3's revelation of John Galt -- Ayn Rand’s most abstract, mysterious, and powerful character.

Interview with Kris Polaha

JJ Snyder hits the set of Atlas Shrugged to interview Kris Polaha , who plays John Galt in the upcoming movie. Polaha talks about his acting techniques, reading The Fountainhead as a young man, and becoming sympathetic to the cause of liberty through his work on the movie.

The John Galt Theme

Elia Cmiral is back! The composer of The John Galt Theme from Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is returning for Who is John Galt? If the lilting, inspirational music from the first movie is any indication, we can look forward to a beautiful score.

Who Is John Galt?

Galt’s Gulch Online, the official online forum for fans of the Atlas Shrugged movies, is hosting a brainstorm for the most concise answer to the question: who is John Galt? The best answers will help the team with marketing for the movie. Throughout the story of Atlas Shrugged, Galt is described in terms such as “the destroyer,” “the man who stopped the motor of the world,” and “the Prometheus who changed his mind.” What phrase do you think best describes this philosophical icon? See the suggestions at Galt’s Gulch Online.


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