On Friday in Los Angeles, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and precious metals expert Michael Maloney paid tribute to Atlas Shrugged when he gathered his staff to read aloud to them from the novel. He chose the famous "money speech," delivered by the character Francisco d'Anconia. The staff meeting was recorded, combined with other footage, and edited into a final video entitled "A Warning for Americans."

Michael MaloneyMaloney is the owner and founder of GoldSilver.com and WealthCycles.com , a monetary historian, and the author of the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver . He has partnered with Robert Kiyosaki in the popular "Rich Dad Poor Dad" financial education programs, and appeared in the documentary End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless

Dan Rubock of GoldSilver.com provided this explanation:

Welcome to our weekly company meeting. Like most businesses, each week we have a scheduled time where staff from all departments meet and report on what they achieved during the past week, as well as what will be happening in the near future. For us, this happens every Friday afternoon. It's the only time during the week when the phones are predictably quieter, a handy result of being located on the West Coast and marching to the tune of an East Coast market close. . . .

At these weekly meetings our CEO, Mike Maloney, usually reads something to the team. It could be a current news item, or something that he has been working on for his new book. But most often, it will be a short snippet of wisdom from something Mike has found to be inspirational. . .

Recently, Mike mentioned to me that he was going to read a section from his favorite book of all time - Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Whoa. This was obviously not going to be a normal company meeting. Having just started to scrape the surface of explaining the dangers of socialism in Episode 5 of Hidden Secrets Of Money , it was obvious that this reading would make for an excellent video. It's also very timely when you consider the current events in Crimea, where Ayn Rand lived as a young girl. Yet another example of history echoing through the ages.

. . .I hope you enjoy being in our our company meeting . . . [W]e closed out the meeting as we do every week by reading our mission together, out loud: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money.

. . . As always, all we ask for in return is that you share this video far and wide. This is a message that needs to be heard.


Michael Maloney gold silverVideo: Entrepreneur Michael Maloney on why Atlas Shrugged is so important .
"This wealth redistribution and people thinking that they can live off of economic energy that you create, it's a very evil thing that just brings about poverty and starvation. So, if you want poverty and death, vote for more socialism. If you don't, vote for the government to get out of your life . . . "

The Root of Money

James Taggart is what would now be called a "crony capitalist." His wedding guests are the elite of a politicized economy. Taggart, Francisco, and Hank are all members of the "1%" --but the "money speech" (in the novel, and its distilled essence in the movie) is a clarion call to understand the nature of wealth and the distinction between those who produce it and those who acquire it through political favors.   Watch now >


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