Pictured is the Atlas Shrugged movie prop for the coat-of-arms outside Francisco D'Anconia's house in Galt's Gulch. In Part 3 of the Atlas Shrugged novel, Rand describes Dagny's first glimpse of the crest: 

'The sudden sight of a house on the edge of the path struck her like the shock of an unexpected sound: built in loneliness, cut off from all ties to human existence, it looked like the secret retreat of some great defiance or sorrow. It was the humblest home of the valley, a log cabin beaten in dark streaks by the tears of many rains, only its great windows withstanding the storms with the smooth, shining, untouched serenity of glass.

"Whose house is... Oh!"--she caught her breath and jerked her head away. Above the door, hit by a ray of sun, its design blurred and worn, battered smooth by the winds of centuries, hung the silver coat-of-arms of Sebastián d'Anconia.'


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