Action! Filming for Atlas Shrugged Part 3 began this Laura Regan will play Dagny in Atlas Shrugged Part 3

week, Monday, January 20. The movie starts after being greenlit in spring 2013, a busy summer for the production team, and a spectacularly successful Ki ckstarter campaign in the fall. The Atlas Society's David Kelley and Laurie Rice will be on set all week; look for updates on The Atlas Society's movie blog , TAS's facebook page , and our Twitter feed. The movie has also announced a livestream from the set for special members of its forum, Galt's Gulch Online .

The first question on every Atlas fan's mind is: Who is John Galt? -- And Dagny? -- And Francisco? -- And Hank? 
Here is the line-up: 

Kris Polaha  is John Galt 
Laura Regan  is Dagny Taggart
Joaquim De Alameida  is Francisco D'AnconiaKris Polaha (John Galt) on the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 3
Rob Morrow  is Henry (Hank) Rearden
Eric Allen Kramer  is Ragnar Danneskjold
Stephen Tobolowsky is Hugh Akston
Mark Moses is Midas Mulligan
Lew Temple is Ellis Wyatt
Jen Nikolaisen is Cherryl Taggart
Dominic Daniel is Eddie Willers

Greg Germann  is James Taggart
Peter Mackenzie  is Head-of-State Thompson
Neal McDonough is Floyd Ferris
Louis Herthum is Wesley Mouch
Tony Denison is Cuffy Meigs
Claude Knowlton is Clem Weatherby
Ned Vaugh is Gerald Starnes 

We're looking forward to seeing these talented performers on the screen.


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