Not to be left out of the fun, Objectivists locate the values of the holiday season within our own philosophical framework. Sometimes this has meant highlighting Thanksgiving as a celebration of productivity, defending Black Friday against anti-capitalist rhetoric, examining the economics of gift-giving, or simply enumerating the secular aspects of Christmas we enjoy.

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There is one text which especially engages the spirit of the holidays, which is Unrugged Individualism: The Selfish Basis of Benevolence by David Kelley, founder of The Atlas Society and a consultant to Atlas Shrugged Part 3: Who Is John Galt?  Kelley's Unrugged Individualism is the debut of the virtue of benevolence as an integral part of the Objectivist philosophy. It's an inspiring and life-affirming essay explaining why benevolence is in the rational self-interest of the individual. 

The Atlas Society has recently struck up a special deal with the Atlas Shrugged movie team to sell Unrugged Individualism at its merchandise store. We've increased the value of the pamphlet by having it signed by author David Kelley. So, in the spirit of the holidays -- of cheerfulness and goodwill -- it is a wonderful time to purchase Unrugged Individualism, for yourself or as a gift. 

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