As  promisedAtlas Shrugged Part 3 will begin production this fall and open in theaters in 2014.
Today, Monday, September 23, the Atlas Shrugged production team has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to increase funding for the film by October 23.
The third installment of Atlas Shrugged, titled  Who Is John Galt? , has a budget of $10 million. The producers are seeking to raise an additional $250,000 for its production and distribution. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform which enables people to raise money for projects. People contribute online to the project of their choice; if the fundraising goal is not met by its deadline, contributors are not charged and the creators of the project do not collect any of the money. The format not only enables the creators of projects, it sharpens the urgency of the goal and rallies supporters around the cause. The Atlas team has set its fundraising goal to be achieved by October 23. 
 “We know we’re going to have a beautiful film,” said Part 3 screenwriter Duncan Scott, “And we know Part 3 is going to amaze people, but the more resources we have […] the greater levels this film can rise to. It’s like a bigger palette available. This is a painting that’s going to be made, but let’s add as many colors to that palette as we can.
Kickstarter gives us a great opportunity to reach out to a whole new audience as well as afford fans of the book a chance to participate and join us and be part of the celebration of Atlas Shrugged,” said producer Harmon Kaslow in the Atlas Kickstarter campaign video, below.
People interested in contributing to the Atlas Kickstarter campaign can see the full details  here , including movie storyboards and rewards. There are rewards available for every level of contribution, from a PDF of the final screenplay for $15, to a personalized DVD for $100, to an opportunity to be  an extra in the movie  for $5,000, to a VIP invite to the Part 3  world premiere  for $10,000.

The Atlas Society's David Kelley will be a consultant to the movie , as he was for Parts 1 and 2. Throughout the making of the movie and into the future, The Atlas Society will provide the intellectual context for the message of Atlas Shrugged.   

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