The Atlas Shrugged trilogy is in its final stretch! The Atlas Shrugged Part 3 production team is in the midst of a busy summer, including presentations at The Atlas Summit in Washington D.C.
and Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.
Joan Carter leads the Atlas Shrugged Part 3 panel at The Atlas Summit
On Saturday, June 29, speakers for Atlas Shrugged Part 3 appeared on a panel at The Atlas Society’s annual Sponsors’ Dinner . The Sponsors’ Dinner took place during The Atlas Summit , TAS’s annual summer event. The panel was moderated by Joan Carter and The Atlas Society’s David Kelley. Screenwriter Duncan Scott discussed his experience in writing Part 3, such as updating dialogue between characters and integrating the screenplay with the previous movie installments. Producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow told attendees about the pre-production process for Atlas Shrugged Part 3, including scouting for locations in Pennsylvania, the essential message of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy, and the upcoming search for lead performers in Part 3. (See a video of the Atlas Shrugged Part 3 panel at TAS's Sponsors' Dinner. Or join the " Who is Dagny Taggart? " discussion online.)
In July, the production team was back on the scene in Las Vegas at Freedom Fest , one of the largest libertarian eventsDavid Kelley and John Aglialoro at The Atlas Summit 2013 in America. The producers screened Atlas Shrugged Part 2 as part of the program’s film festival, preceded by a presentation about the upcoming Atlas Shrugged Part 3. On Thursday, July 11, the Atlas Shrugged producers held a meeting in Vegas to discuss Duncan Scott’s Part 3 script, including a reading of the script by hired actors. David Kelley attended the reading in his ongoing role as a philosophical consultant to the movie.
“This was a great opportunity to review Duncan Scott’s script as it would sound in the film," said David Kelley, "Duncan assembled a really talented team of professional actors (including Steven Schub, a long-time participant in TAS activities), who brought out new shades of meaning in the story and made us realize anew why Part 3 of Atlas Shrugged is such an amazing combination of love story and political-philosophical thriller. In the discussion afterwards, the film principals had the additional benefit of comments from Barbara Branden and her insights into Ayn Rand’s vision in writing the novel.” 
David Kelley, Duncan Scott, and Harmon Kaslow at the Atlas Shrugged Part 3 script reading in Las Vegas
John Aglialoro, Atlas producer and a trustee of The Atlas Society, even bowed out of his run at the 2013 World Series of Poker to attend the meeting. Part 3 Associate Producer Scott Desapio tells the anecdote at Galt’s Gulch Online , a social media site for fans of Atlas Shrugged.
The Atlas Society also had a presence at Freedom Fest, including a table and speakers. Staff displayed Atlas Shrugged DVDs at The Atlas Society’s table, sparking conversations with Freedom Fest attendees who enjoyed Parts 1 and 2. As with previous installments, The Atlas Society will provide the intellectual context for Atlas Shrugged Part 3, enabling viewers who love the message of Atlas Shrugged to understand and apply it. 


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