Atlas Shrugged Part 3, the final installment of the movie trilogy, is set to begin principal photography in the fall of 2013. The Atlas Society is pleased to announce that we will work with Atlas Productions LLC on the film. Atlas Productions has officially greenlit Part 3 today, March 26, 2013. 

TAS's David Kelley meeting about Part 3 with Atlas Productions

David Kelley, founder of The Atlas Society and an expert on the philosophical themes of Atlas Shrugged , will consult on the script, as he did for Parts 1 and 2. David Kelley and The Atlas Society's Laurie Rice recently met with Atlas Productions to discuss the storyline of Part 3

The movie trilogy follows the three-part structure of Ayn Rand’s epic 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged . Part 3 takes place in a near future dystopian United States with the nation's economy quickly approaching collapse. While overreaching government regulations persist in strangling the country's few remaining entrepreneurs, society’s most productive continue to mysteriously disappear. One man has the answer. Some will stop at nothing to control him. Others will stop at nothing to save him. Who is John Galt? 

Laurie Rice and Duncan Scott

The producers have tapped four-time Emmy® award-winner Duncan Scott as the film’s screenwriter along with Brian O’Toole. Both Scott and O’Toole worked on Part 2. Scott also worked extensively with Rand on the restoration and editing of the classic motion picture We the Living, based on Rand’s novel of the same title. “We’re thrilled to have Duncan and Brian back. Having sat shoulder-to-shoulder with Rand, no one else could do what Duncan can when it comes to adapting Atlas. His unmatched experience and his incredible depth of knowledge regarding Atlas are absolutely invaluable,” stated Producer John Aglialoro. 

“The challenge,” says Kelley, “is to create a narrative in Part 3 that stands on its own but also builds on the larger narrative of the trilogy and brings it to a climax. With his deep knowledge of Rand’s work, Duncan is the writer to meet that challenge.”

Aglialoro’s company, Atlas Productions, produced and distributed Parts 1 and 2, and has set a USA theatrical release for Part 3 in the summer of 2014. Parts 1 and 2 are now currently available on DVD and internet download. (We suggest The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVDs of Part 1 and Part 2 . Any item purchased at the movie's merchandise store through The Atlas Society's affiliate link will help to support our organization.)

Producer Harmon Kaslow said, “Our number one goal with Part 3 is to pull the prescient message of Atlas off of the page and project it clearly onto the screen. Ayn Rand drew incredibly sharp archetypes with stark backdrops. Our goal with Part 3 is to bring these characters to life as accurately as possible and celebrate Rand’s message.” While Parts 1 and 2 were filmed in and around Los Angeles, Kaslow reports that Part 3 will probably be filmed on location on the East Coast. “For Part 2, filming in California added about 20% to our production costs.” 

"The Atlas Society is thrilled to be involved with the completion of the Atlas Shrugged

—Aaron Day, CEO

“We are thrilled to be involved with the completion of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy,“ stated The Atlas Society’s CEO Aaron Day. “The movie trilogy offers a significant opportunity to spread the ideas of Atlas Shrugged at a time in which they are desperately needed.”

 TAS has worked with the film producers on the scripts, promotion, advance screenings, and film-related educational material, student programs, and activism projects. To expand these activities, and take advantage of the opportunity to promote the ideas of Atlas Shrugged , TAS seeks to raise a total of $1 million in special contributions.

Learn more and contribute to The Atlas Society’s Atlas Shrugged Capital Campaign , today.   


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