Are you ready for the next item in your Atlas collection? The Atlas Shrugged Part 2 DVD is now available for purchase at the movie's online store! We recommend The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD , but you can support The Atlas Society by making any purchase at the movie's store, if you click on the hyperlinked image below.

Shoppers using this hyperlink direct 20% of their item's price to The Atlas Society, for the continued promotion of the ideas of Ayn Rand. 

Features on The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD include: 

  • Three beautifully produced video commentaries on scenes from the film by David Kelley, including Francisco D'Anconia's "money speech." 
  • David Kelley's interviews with leads in the film: Samantha Mathis (Dagny Taggart), Jason Beghe (Hank Rearden), Esai Morales (Francisco D'Anconia), Patrick Fabian (James Taggart), and Kim Rhodes (Lillian Rearden). 
  • " Atlas Shrugged and the Struggle for Liberty," a panel discussion at the 2012 Atlas Summit, with John Stossell, Grover Norquist, Robert Poole, and Alexander McCobin. 
  • Laurie Rice's interview with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) about Atlas Shrugged
  • "The World of Atlas Shrugged" audio feature (Also included in our Part 1 Special Edition). 

We hope you enjoy Atlas Shrugged Part 2 and the further discussions of its ideas on The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD . You can also get Part 2 as a premium in thanks for your sponsor-level-or-higher support for The Atlas Society , beginning at $1,000 per year.


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