October 12, 2012 -- In Atlas Shrugged Part 2, we see how many great achievers have disappeared. Dagny Taggart suspects that some destroyer is behind it all. But who is the destroyer? And what is his purpose? That's a mystery.

And she suspects that the iconic question, “Who is John Galt?” is not just an expression of despair and resignation, but has some real connection with all the disappearances. David Kelley, a consultant to the Atlas Shrugged movie, provides insights into this scene as well as the attempt of Starnesville to have each person work "according to his ability" and also pay each person "according to his need." 


> The Trial of Hank Rearden
> The Root of Money 




David Kelley

About The Author:

Author: David Kelley
David Kelley is the founder of The Atlas Society. A professional philosopher, teacher, and best-selling author, he has been a leading proponent of Objectivism for more than 25 years.

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