Atlas Shrugged Part 2 is amping up to hit theaters on October 12 with a new look, new web outlets, and new merchandise. The third and final movie poster has been released, featuring a golden Atlas statue holding up a geometrical sphere-- its deco style is remniscient of the statue in front of the Rockefeller center in Manhattan.

In the movie poster, however, the "world" part of the structure is bursting into shards and the caption reads "Everything has a breaking point."

The printed poster is available for sale at the Atlas Shrugged Movie store for $24.95 .
Download the poster image for print or for the web, here , as well as many other "downloadable assets" from the movie, such as banners for your Facebook page. 
Choose an image for your cover photo to help promote the movie and the ideas of Atlas Shrugged.

Atlas Productions has refined its Web site called Galt's Gulch Online , where you can read recent threads about the movie,  find screening events in your area , sign up for announcements, and interact with other Atlas Shrugged fans. Currently, they are looking to their fans for feedback on logos for the site . Go there, vote, and comment on the images you think best represent the spirit of Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged The Movie on Facebook has been featuring day-long discounts on certain merchandise from the movie's store . "Like" their page to keep updated on these opportunites.

Finally, the movie's Facebook page has also been releasing some beautiful photo stills from the movie, such as this one of the mysterious motor found by Dagny Taggart in Part 1. In Part 2, she continues the search for its inventor.


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