The Atlas Shrugged movie site has a number of items available at their online store . It's a great time to support the movie and reconnect with the story before Atlas Shrugged Part 2 comes to theaters on October 12.

First,  The Atlas Society Special Edition Atlas Shrugged Part 1 on DVD ($14.95). This edition includes the feature-length film as well as three scene commentaries by TAS philosopher David Kelley, footage from The Atlas Society's premiere event on April 14, 2011, and an MP3 audio lecture about "The World of Atlas Shrugged." This special edition will help you learn about the philosophy underpinning the story of Atlas Shrugged. A portion of the sales from the link above will go toward supporting TAS's mission to promote the philosophy of Objectivism.

Next is a money clip ($79.95) like the one carried by Esai Morales as Francisco D'Anconia, shown here with The Atlas Society Chief Intellectual Officer, David Kelley. (Read more about  TAS staff on set .) 

Another item is Dagny's Rearden Metal bracelet  ($159). In the Part 1 movie, as in the novel, Dagny acquires the bracelet in a confrontation with Lillian Rearden. Dagny knows the true meaning of the bracelet: it is a symbol of Hank's love for his work.

Finally, there are full-size posters ($24.95) asking the haunting question from Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? With its typography depicting a rough etch from a desperate society, it captures a mood and is a good conversation starter about the meaning of production. Add a bumper sticker ($3.95) to your cart and you're set.


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