The Atlas Society’s Special Edition, will be released Tuesday, November 8. If you have not ordered yet, click below (all sales from this click-through benefit The Atlas Society).


Meanwhile, Atlas Productions has announced that the Blu-Ray version is also on the way, in several editions:
  • The standard edition from 20th Century Fox will be available the same day, November 8.
  • In late November you can get the Special Edition Blu-Ray, which will include ALL of the exclusive content from all four of the Special Editions, including The Atlas Society’s.
In other movie news:
  • Pacific Northwest Pictures is distributing Atlas Shrugged Part 1 in Canada. The film opened in Toronto October 28. For theater locations, see the listing on the official movie site. To help bring the film to a theater near you, “ Demand It!
  • Work on Part 2 is under way. Producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow have gone public with their commitment to the project, with the release projected for in October 2012. "We know there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not we’d continue - all of it due to our own mixed messages - but I can tell you now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are fully committed on every front to getting Part 2 done. It’s all systems go and there’s no turning back."


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