On September 30, five minutes before midnight, the Atlas Shrugged Movie Kickstarter Campaign reached its fundraising goal of $250,000 for Part 3, called Who Is John Galt?  The movie's crowdfunding project had been active for only one week when the goal was achieved, and still had 23 days before its deadline of October 23.
As  promised , Atlas Shrugged Part 3 will begin production this fall and open in theaters in 2014.
The Atlas Shrugged trilogy is in its final stretch! The Atlas Shrugged Part 3 production team is in the midst of a busy summer, including presentations at The Atlas Summit in Washington D.C.
That's the question Daniel Hannan asks in this article today in the Telegraph. He opens with a description of Detroit from today's Observer:
[Editor's Note: This article, by John Aglialoro, is republished here by permission. It was first published on April 10 on his blog . ] In 1995, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to dine with the longest-serving and, dare I say, most impactful British Prime Minister of the 20th century.


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