The Atlas Shrugged movie is wrapping up the first week of filming for its third installment, called Who Is John Galt? I've been on set all week with Atlas Society founder David Kelley, offering commentary and insight to the movie team about the philosophy of Atlas Shrugged.
Pictured is the Atlas Shrugged movie prop for the coat-of-arms outside Francisco D'Anconia's house in Galt's Gulch. In Part 3 of the Atlas Shrugged novel, Rand describes Dagny's first glimpse of the crest: 
Atlas Shrugged Part 3 begins filming today in L.A..  They will be live-streaming from the set. The live-streaming is accessible via a paid membership to Galt's Gulch Online, a marketing arm of the Atlas Shrugged film project. Details were announced by the movie producers here. 
Not to be left out of the fun, Objectivists locate the values of the holiday season within our own philosophical framework. Sometimes this has meant highlighting Thanksgiving as a celebration of productivity, defending Black Friday against anti-capitalist rhetoric, examining the economics of gift-giving, or simply enumerating the secular aspects of Christmas we enjoy.


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