Atlas Summit attendees will have an unprecedented and exclusive opportunity to view and offer feedback on Atlas Shrugged Part III as it is in the process of final production. It’ll be like sitting in the producer’s chair as you view a full-length preview of Atlas Shrugged Part III.
The Atlas Shrugged movie team has set a release date of September 12 for the final installment of the Atlas films. Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?
Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? has wrapped up filming and is now moving through post production. In this third installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie series, we will finally get a sustained look at the character of John Galt, in contrast to the mere glimpses we’ve had of him throughout the first and second parts.
On Friday in Los Angeles, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and precious metals expert Michael Maloney paid tribute to Atlas Shrugged when he gathered his staff to read aloud to them from the novel. He chose the famous "money speech," delivered by the character Francisco d'Anconia. The staff meeting was recorded, combined with other footage, and edited into a final video entitled "A Warning for Americans."
February 4, 2014 -- James Manera is the director of Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? While fans are always eager to find out the actors and actresses involved in the movie, it is easy to overlook the importance of the director—and yet, Manera’s work will be crucial in expressing the story of Atlas Shrugged. With producer Harmon Kaslow he also wrote the script.


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