This audio program discusses the meaning of the term "philosophical novel" and explains the essentials of the powerful combination of plot and ideas that make Atlas Shrugged a remarkable achievement. It concludes with an overview of the fundamental ideas of Ayn Rand's philosophy and the three-groups-to-two overall plot structure of the novel. (Originally presented at The Atlas Society's 2006 Summer Seminar. The first of a six-part series.)


  1. The Greatest Philosophical Novel?
    A. Why write a philosophical novel?
    B. The artistic challenge of a philosophical novel.
    C. Ayn Rand's method in overview
  2. The Philosophy of Atlas Shrugged in Overview
    A. Objectivism on one foot
    B. Five ideas distinctive to Rand and Atlas
  3. Rand's Integration of Plot and Ideas
    A. Looters, Producers, and Strikers
    B. Plot Overview
         Part 1. Non-contradiction
         Part 2. Either-Or
         Part 3. A is A 

DOWNLOAD:  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Note: This audio program is the second in a 6-part series, "Atlas Shrugged as a Philosophical Novel," presented at The Atlas Society's 2006 Summer Seminar. The other programs in the series are:

Part 2: Producers vs. Looters and Parasites
Part 3: Reason vs. Anti-Reason
Part 4: The Pursuit of Happiness
Part 5: The Unity of Mind and Body
Part 6: Trade vs. Power 


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