View the entries for the 2016 Atlas Art Contest. Public voting has ended (November 23rd at 12pm ET, 3pm PT). Winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016.

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By: Abiodun Olaku

36" x 48"
While I am not a compulsive slave to the ‘isms and schisms’ of art, it is of deep passionate concern to me that my art communicates, and stirs the spirit of the viewer, irrespective of time and space, I operate with a strong reliance on the principles, theories, formulae, and spirit that have guaranteed the enduring strength and essence of true, evocative art. I try very hard to tell my ‘stories’ with some reasonably unambiguous conviction. Honesty of purpose always serves me a respectable portion of satisfaction, because I believe that every artist will ultimately submit to the supreme critique of time. Time always tells. Therefore, I tend to be insulated against the various contending forces that trail the contemporary art scene, since I believe they are mostly weak, short-rooted trends.

A message from the judges: OLAKU’s painting sees the beauty in nature presenting an expansive vision of a hidden underlying structure. Often times business requires one to look beneath the surface and uncover something that others do not see.