View the entries for the 2016 Atlas Art Contest. Public voting has ended (November 23rd at 12pm ET, 3pm PT). Winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016.

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"Self Portrait on Fire"

By: Eric Armusik

oil paint on birch
The painting is my self-portrait. A flame illuminates the left side of the painting, the torch of my career thus far as an artist and significant of the success that I have achieved. Unlike most artists I haven't had a career of representation. I have had to learn to be just as creative in selling my work as I have been in creating it. I have carved out my own niche in painting traditional subjects such as mythological, religious and historical subjects which were deemed by many of my colleagues as passe. I am a romantic realist at heart and I believe that good art can be transcending and can inspire others to celebrate a greater sense of life.

A message from the judges: Armusik’s painting shows great skill and invention in capturing a moment. It shows an artist's invention at representing something simplistic but with great depth. The work shows great understanding that only happens after many hours are spent at one’s craft creating a sense of masterful creation.