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"Mother In Bakery"

By: Marisa Bruno

Oil paint on a wood panel
My mother decided to start a gluten-free bakery 10 years ago when she found out her best friend had a allergy to gluten. She a passion for baking and making things so she took classes, learned everything she could. She was nervous, telling herslef "Why do I think I can start a bakery? Who am I to do something like that." She took a risk, now shes in international chains, and cafes all around the world. She has been teaching me about being a business owner and the suffering you go through during the long process to success and the reward of selling a great product. My mom has always encourged me to be an artist and to take the risk, that anythings possible if you work hard and put everything you have into it.

A message from the judges: I call this painting a contemporary Vermeer moment, only instead the subject is a woman entrepreneur, not a wealthy girl. The viewer gets a very intimate sneak-peak at a moment in a life of a hard working mother – a simple yet deeply personal and intimate portrait.