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"Like the Water Loves the Shore"

By: Janus Lee

Watercolor pencil
When Cap Streeter set up the Independent District of Lake Michigan in their back yards, a lot of influential Chicagoans didn't like it. But they had to fight an all-out war for thirty-two years before they could get their way, and Cap never did admit that he was licked.The Saga of Streeterville is the story of one of the most fantastic figures who ever lived: a buccaneer born a hundred years too late, an empire builder who raised a lake bottom to found the independent district of Lake Michigan in the very shadow of Chicago's skyscrapers, complete with an army, a navy, a military governor and a capitol. Today Cap's 186-acre “Deestrict”, as he called it, is Chicago's Gold Coast, and is extremely valuable.

My great grand uncle, Captain George Wellington Streeter remains a controversial character, and the land he created with his own two hands was still in dispute when he died nearly 100 years ago. At that time, the Chicago plutocracy had gained their foothold. Even now, entities like the Chicago Title Company - who initiated much of the violence against Cap, are still trying to kill him - or at least continue to assassinate his character. No doubt these attempts to maintain control of the narrative revolve around the land in question. In the course of my research for this book, I discovered that Counsel for Chicago Title Co. owns, and claimed to be writing “the definitive book on Cap Streeter” - until being informed that my true, biographical account of Cap Streeter is currently in process as my first graphic novel, ’The Man Who Made War on Chicago’. This illustration of Cap and Maria intends to show the strength of the loving bond between these two kindred souls which served as a solid foundation for the mutual risk and reward of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

We are all Streeter...

A message from the judges: ​Isn't one of the rewards of a goodlife having meaningful moments to share with another​ person?