View the entries for the 2016 Atlas Art Contest. Public voting has ended (November 23rd at 12pm ET, 3pm PT). Winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016.

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"Gospel Singer 3"

By: Suzy Schultz

solar plate etching, 8" x 10"
The view is the same as a quarterback on a football field. In the distance is the prize, like making a touchdown. The playing field in football is filled with opponents that want to prevent you from reaching your goal. In my composition you must cross a clean field of snow and ice in men's dress shoes carrying the tool that will end your quest if you just slip and fall - once. Compositionally, I wanted perspective to define the scene. Large, dominant foreground element (central character), distant objective, faintly visible and placed at the vanishing point to seem almost hopelessly out of reach. And the ground level, a pure, clean and nonthreatening surface inviting you to come through and play.

A message from the judges: Witness this man's deeply felt internal expression. Isn't something like this that can reach us, inspire us, and remind us of our humanity? This economical sketch conveys passionate introspection without ​the detraction of too much detail.