View the entries for the 2016 Atlas Art Contest. Public voting has ended (November 23rd at 12pm ET, 3pm PT). Winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016.

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By Tanya Ragir

cast resin with metallic patina, 9' x 54" x 54"
I have been taking risks my whole life. I've been my own champion my whole life. You get what yo put in, and i'm all in. I've never attempted a piece like this, so I had to challenge myself. The process and outcome is the reward in itself. Being an entrupreneurship is carving one's own path, and that's what my piece represents. 

A message from the judges: Ragir’s female torso talks about expansion as the sternum and rib cage face upwards. The torso also has a sense of groundedness with its weight, both key elements in making dreams come true.