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By: Melissa Hefferlin

oil on linen
My subject is a farm woman whose life is certainly filled with cleaning stalls, nursing sick animals, being up at dawn for a day of grueling labor, and also needing to keep the books so that her business thrives and she is ready for the risk of disaster. Few entrepreneurs carry such risk as farmers, who are the whim of weather, external markets, disease and consumer whims. And yet my farm woman remembers the reason she works so hard; when she sleeps her enthusiasm rises and she dreams of flying. She surveys the land which is her true love. It is the dream, the passion surging through our spirit like wind through our hair, which makes the work and the risk worthwhile. My painting celebrates the passion which drives an individual towards success, whatever the goal may be. Otherwise, why bother?

A message from the judges: Having fun and effortlessly rising above the earth and seeing life from a broader perspective is, I think, a characteristic the enthusiasm of artists and entrepreneurs? This is a beautifully balanced composition.