View the entries for the 2016 Atlas Art Contest. Public voting has ended (November 23rd at 12pm ET, 3pm PT). Winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016.

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"​Chattanooga Bridge"

By: Daud Akhriev

oil on linen
A modern steel bridge is the one of the culminations of entrepreneurship in a collective way: the engineers, the steelworkers, architects down to the workmen on the job. This important bridge in Chattanooga, TN, was under reconstruction for the only time in my lifetime, and I received permission to paint onsite with the construction workers and cranes. I had to pass security, wear badges and helmets. The painting represents the investment (which is always a risk) of all parties involved, including myself. Bridges also connect peoples, allowing business and culture to flourish.

A message from the judges: Akhriev’s painting focuses our vision on a clear focal point. This all speaks about staying on track towards one's goals.