Atlas Society senior staff and will all be speaking at this year's FreedomFest, and we're especially pleased to announce that CEO Jennifer Anju Grossman is a keynote speaker and her "libertarian CEO" session will be live-streamed

Here's the line-up of TAS speakers: 

Thursday July 14: Atlas Society CEO Jennifer Anju Grossman

9:00am: “Libertarian CEOs: Creating a New Brand of Capitalism” (With John Allison, Bill Bonner, John Mackey, and Mark Skousen)

12:00pm: Special luncheon: “Leaning In, Libertarian Style: A Frank and Honest Conversation About Women in the Liberty Movement” (With Angela Keaton, Gena Lofton, and Nena Whitfield)

Friday July 15: "Atlas Society Day" at FreedomFest 

1:30pm: “Keynesianism and the Long Run” (William R Thomas)
What are the effects of government economic intervention in the short run and the long run? William Thomas will discuss what Keynesians get right and what they typically get wrong.

2:30pm: “Technological Challenges to Freedom’s Future” (Edward Hudgins with Jose Cordeiro, Founding Faculty, Singularity University; Director, Millennium Project)
Exponential changes in technology and biotech promise to improve human life. But they face fierce opposition. We must promote the ideas and values that will usher in the new era.

3:30pm: “Equality: Good or Bad”? (David Kelley)
Is equality a social value? Political equality—equality before the law—is required by the principles of individual rights. What about equality of income, or racial, ethnic, or sexual equality?

Coming to FreedomFest? Visit us at The Atlas Society booth; you can't miss us, we're across from the registration area!