Today The Atlas Society's Ed Hudgins addressed Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. Ed spoke on "Seizing the Moral High Ground to Defeat the Statists."

“In this election year, seizing the moral high ground is more important than ever," Ed explains. "The future of freedom is literally at stake. At my past visits to Liberty Forum I’ve enjoyed working with like-minded lovers of liberty to devise ways to actually change the political and cultural landscape for the better.”

Here is the description of Ed's talk: "Friends of freedom know the frustration of being on the moral defensive and seeing their fellow citizens acquiescing in their own enslavement as statists disingenuously mouth their love for humanity. And we see the GOP, the nominal party of limited government, collapsing under the weight of its own moral confusion. But six powerful arguments will allow liberty-lovers to turn the tables on the statists, to seize the moral high ground, and to put them on the defensive. Audiences are ripe for such a moral message, which also offers a way for lovers of liberty to restore limited government in the wake of the GOP’s disintegration."

The Atlas Society is a sponsor of Liberty Forum and George Johnson is representing us there.