David Kelley, The Atlas Society founder and chairman, was quoted in a January 9, 2009 Wall Street Journal article entitled "Atlas Shrugged: From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years."

In that piece, senior economics writer Stephen Moore reviewed the parallels between the events in Ayn Rand's path breaking novel and in the world in which we now live. In the pages of Rand's fiction and in corridors of power in Washington today we see politicians crippling and punishing productive entrepreneurs in the name of stamping out "greed", restricting economic freedom in the name of preventing destructive "dog-eat-dog" competition, and subsidizing failed enterprises with taxpayer dollars in the name of protecting essential industries.

Moore has a long public policy background. He worked at the Heritage Foundation, the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, and the Cato Institute. He also headed up the Club for Growth.

In Steve's WSJ piece, Kelley explains that "the older the book gets, the more timely its message." Concerning the planned cinematic treatment of Atlas, Kelley joked that "We don't need to make a movie out of the book" because "we are living it right now."