The current issue of Reason Papers features a paper by Atlas Society founder David Kelley. The paper, “Happiness or Life, or Both,” is a reply to a paper by Ole Martin Moen published in a previous issue of Reason Papers.

In that article, “Is Life the Ultimate Value? A Reassessment of Ayn Rand’s Ethics,” Moen argued that the ultimate value is happiness rather than life. David Kelley's paper includes a critique of that argument and an analysis of the link between life and happiness.

Moen is a Norwegian scholar who participated in our 2012 Graduate Seminar, where he presented a draft of the paper. He also took part in an Atlas Society workshop last year in which participants discussed Kelley's critique. Ole Martin Moen is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in philosophy at Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo.

Reason Papers is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of interdisciplinary normative studies. It is edited by Carrie-Ann Biondi and Irfan Khawaja, both of whom have spoken at TAS events.