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What is Objectivism?

In her books Ayn Rand forged a systematic philosophy of reason and freedom.

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Atlas Shrugged

Explore the epic that launched a philosophical revolution.

Latest Articles

"Mean Girl" – It Takes One to Know One

July 14, 2019 After hearing some buzz about Lisa Duggan’s Mean Girl, I decided to read it for myself... Read more...

Property Rights Win a Dramatic Victory

July 10, 2019 As Democratic presidential candidates debate their competing promises to voters, without the... Read more...

An Interview with Economist and International Affairs Activist Gloria Alvarez

July 09, 2019 MM: You will be the keynote speaker at The Atlas Society’s third annual gala October 10 in New... Read more...

Postmodern Art and Evolutionary Art

July 08, 2019 The following is a version of my part of a joint presentation with Stephen Hicks given at the... Read more...

The Objectivist Sabbath

July 01, 2019 As with most people, my working schedule has been blurred. With colleagues in different time... Read more...

Reparations: Dress Rehearsal for the 2020 Postmodernist Extravaganza

July 01, 2019 On Thursday, June 19, the subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee... Read more...

11 Economic Stats That Tell Venezuela's Story

June 25, 2019 A tragedy common to human history is unfolding in Venezuela. It’s impossible to predict how it... Read more...

An Interview with Robin Craig, Author of Hannibal’s Witch

June 24, 2019 MM: You have a PhD in molecular biology. You’re a scientist, you publish in your field as well as... Read more...

Hannibal's Witch

June 24, 2019 Editor’s Note: Hannibal’s Witch, by Robin Craig, blends science fiction, alternative... Read more...

Objectivism: A Soldier’s Philosophy

June 18, 2019 As a soldier in the U.S. Army, it is clear to me that the guiding philosophy for a soldier should... Read more...

Against the New Post-2016-Trump Right Too

June 17, 2019 As part of my Neither right nor left mantra, another datum. Most people use... Read more...

Google in the Cross Hairs

June 10, 2019 Google is once again in the US government’s antitrust cross hairs. In 2012, it was investigated... Read more...
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