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What is Objectivism?

In her books Ayn Rand forged a systematic philosophy of reason and freedom.

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Atlas Shrugged

Explore the epic that launched a philosophical revolution.

Latest Articles

The Fatal Flaws of Interventionism Scuttle “Recycling”

December 03, 2019 Recycling was one of those great ideas of the 1970s, right? One of the first great movements to... Read more...

Antitrust as a Barometer of Big Government

November 12, 2019 Over its history, antitrust law has provided a good measure of the changing views of the relative... Read more...

Member Spotlight: Niko Gjaja – Collectivism is a Pipe Dream

November 05, 2019 Editor’s Note: Friends and members of The Atlas Society are among our greatest resources.... Read more...

The Opioid Epidemic Becomes the New Rope Used for Big Business Lynching

November 04, 2019 Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin (a brand of the narcotic, oxycodone), has filed for... Read more...

Girl Friends

October 25, 2019 Editor’s Note: Stephen Cox, Ph.D, professor of literature and director of the Humanities... Read more...

Why Inequality Should Not Be an Object of Social Policy

October 08, 2019 Academics, the media, and Democratic politicians, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have... Read more...

I, Individual: Why the Individual Should Be Celebrated

October 07, 2019 If it’s a coincidence that “individual” begins with a letter that’s also a closely associated... Read more...

Socialism’s Crime Against Humanity in Ukraine: 4.5 Million Deaths

October 03, 2019 Book Review: Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, by Anne Applebaum. Publishers:... Read more...

Crypto Shrugged

October 02, 2019 Editor’s Note: In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Galt's Gulch was a physical place where... Read more...

Conservatives Must Wade Into the Cultural Fray – Yes, Even Making Their Own Movies – To Expand Base

September 30, 2019 While conservatives are leading in the battle of ideas, they have all but surrendered the culture... Read more...

The World Isn’t Ending

September 24, 2019 “Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to... Read more...

Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom

September 18, 2019 Last month, I was called to jury duty. Here in the US, many people, instead of seeing jury service... Read more...
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