Michael Newberry is an American representational artist based in Idyllwild, California. Now in his 5th decade of creating art, Newberry has exhibited his paintings in major galleries in the United States and Europe. His major works are typically on life-sized canvas and took years to complete. He has taught at the Otis Art Institute and has been a popular lecturer at several IOS and TAS summer seminars. [Editor's note: the above biography has been updated from the original article printed in 1998.] Navigator: How did you discover your talent? Newberry: In college I discovered that I could paint, draw, and sculpt easily. Any project I had in mind I could go about making, and the finished pieces were more exciting for me than the mental picture I had had. I loved the feeling of making the art, and I loved the results. As a teenager, I didn't wonder whether I was talented or not. Making art was like making sand castles. The time simply flew. Navigator: What you describe is a pleasure in doing of the work—a pleasure so satisfying that the work seems like play. When you studied art in your studio classes, did this feeling continue? Or did the mastery of your craft take long, hard, sustained work and study? Newberry: The answer to both questions is "yes" and "simultaneously." In most ways, it's the same now. I try new things, different challenges. Can I paint a foot kicked out toward my face? Can I paint the light from the window as it is filtered...
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