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  • Fashion Forward

    If the great cities of the world were personified as women, you might think of Paris as fearlessly avant-garde. New York is, obviously, a well-coiffed bohemian. And Washington? Well, Washington is the uptight younger sister who hasn’t quite figured out...

  • Suiting Up

    Spring 2011 -- ( Sidebar article for Steve Walton is Flying High ) Ste ve Walton doesn’t just build planes —he flies them too.

  • Steve Walton is Flying High

    Spring 2011 -- Steve Walton may well owe his big break to a Saudi prince.

  • Hellacious Success

    Fall 2009 -- About halfway through our interview, Michael Landrum gets a call. It’s from a job applicant who wants to know about a position opening up. “What would my title be?” the caller asks. “What responsibilities would I be expected to take on?”

  • Restoring Glory: A Renaissance-style Art Studio Creates Modern Magic

    Bill Mensching has aged a painting four hundred years, created a gigantic glass mural for a hotel in Las Vegas, and shipped the makings of a neo-classical Catholic church from New York to California. But he was momentarily stumped by his latest...

  • Galaxy Girl: From Classical to Electronica

    Ask Jeannette Claudine Romeu what she does, and you’ll get a collection of answers. The fifth-generation musician is by turns a pianist, a drummer, a D.J., a painter, a writer, a philanthropist and a teacher. Romeu’s biggest challenge has always been...

  • Stand Up! (and Pee Like a Man)

    For a long time, Samantha Fountain had one mission—figure out a way to allow women to pee like men.

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