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Romanticist Writers Panel

August 24, 2015 Atlas Summit 2015 - Four fiction writers who write in the Romanticist tradition form a discussion... Read More

Impulses, Reactions, and Long-term Goals

August 03, 2015 Atlas Summit 2015 -- You want to lose weight, but you’re too tempted by sweet and fatty foods; you... Read More

"Selling" Ayn Rand's Ideas

August 03, 2015 Atlas Summit 2015 -- In the decade and a half since the publication of Read More

Selfishness: What and Why

August 03, 2015 Atlas Summit 2015 -- This session explains the radical difference between Ayn Rand’s conception of... Read More

The Nature of Ethics

July 30, 2015  Atlas Summit 2015 -- Objectivism conceives of ethics as a practical code to guide our actions. Is... Read More

Justice and Benevolence

July 30, 2015 Atlas Summit 2015 -- Justice is an essential virtue in the Objectivist ethics. This Atlas Summit... Read More

Official activism: Advancing liberty as an elected official

December 29, 2014 Atlas Summit 2014 -- Some think that advancing the cause of liberty as an elected official is an... Read More

The Essential Evil of Antitrust Law | Alexander R. Cohen

December 13, 2013 Atlas Summit 2013 -- Antitrust law purports to protect the “free market” from “anticompetitive... Read More

New Romanticism

November 08, 2013 Atlas Summit 2013 -- Part of the Symposium on Romanticism Today. In this video, artist Michael... Read More
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