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Quick quiz: If you jack up the price of something, do you think people will buy more or less of it? Apparently, the obvious answer “Less!” eludes the folks who argue that if the government forces employers to pay all workers a $15 minimum wage, that said employers will be tripping over themselves to keep current workers and maybe even hire some new ones. A new short video—warning, it’s complete with expletives!—explains a simple truth about the minimum wage to those poor folks—pay attention young Bernie Sanders supporters!—who might have been victims of government schools and, thus, never learned even elementary economics.   Ayn Rand explained that “Unemployment is the inevitable result of forcing wage rates above their free-market level.” But this is no declaration of “Starve, you damned workers.” Rand explains that “A country’s standard of living, including the wages of workers, depends on the productivity of labor; high productivity depends on...
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1)  Tell us who you are? What’s the couple of sentence summary of what you do and what you’ve done? I run American for Tax Reform, the group that shares the Taxpayer Protection Pledge with all candidates. We ask them to commit in writing that they will oppose and vote against any and all net tax hikes. I also serve on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association. I chair the center-right coalition of groups and individuals who simply wish to be left alone by the government. There are 40 similar meetings in state capitals.   2) When did you first become familiar with Ayn Rand and her works? In high school I had a friend who read all the Ayn Rand novels as part of a project where you were to read everything an author had written. I read Mark Twain. I didn’t pay attention to her presentation, so I missed the point, but did remember the name. In college I got...
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"My name is Ayn Rand. I was born in Russia on the fifth of February, 1905." In this delightful short video, you'll get an introduction to Rand's remarkable life, her ideas, and her impressive achievements.
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1) Tell us who you are? What’s the couple of sentence summary of what you do and what you’ve done? I’m a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. I spend most of my time working with a variety of interesting people who are struggling with some area of their lives, helping them figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. I also spend some of my time writing or speaking on issues related to objectivism and libertarianism, including at the Atlas Summit!   2) When did you first become familiar with Ayn Rand and her works?   Quite an ironic story! Back in medical school, I was helping to organize a lobbying effort to get a law passed in New York City that would require certain businesses to buy health insurance for their workers. I considered myself a liberal democrat at the time – pro capitalism, but with regulation. While discussing my efforts on an online health policy email list, someone sent out an essay by Ayn Rand – “Man’s...
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I’m a great fan of the Atlas Summit and hope you’ll attend! You might think that, because I work for the Atlas Society, I’m obliged to recommend our annual Summit. But it’s the other way around. Because I went to annual Summits, I chose to work for the Atlas Society. I attended the founding event of the Atlas Society, then called the Institute for Objectivist Studies, in New York in 1990. There, David Kelley set forth his plan for an organization to promote the philosophy developed by Ayn Rand in an open and benevolent way. The Summits began shortly thereafter as retreats for groups of a few dozen individuals wishing to explore in depth the principles of Objectivism. At first, David gave all the talks, but then began to invite speakers. But by the time I attended my first Summit in 1996, as a faculty member, the event was...


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