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Ex Machina movie review

May 12, 2015 How will we know if an artificial intelligence actually attains a human level of... Read more...

Eggs, Global Warming, and Science

May 11, 2015 The arguments for man-made global warming remind me of the argument that eating eggs causes heart... Read more...

What Carly Fiorina Brings to the GOP Agenda

May 06, 2015  Carly Fiorina is the latest longshot to join the Republican presidential primary field.  But... Read more...

Google's Pony Express & an Objectivist Theory of Video Games

May 03, 2015 Around midnight on April 14th, 1860, the rider on the first westbound run of the Pony Express... Read more...

Baltimore riots as Criminal Culture Writ Large

April 30, 2015 The rioting in Baltimore represents criminal culture writ large. It is what happens every day on a... Read more...

How anti-individualist fallacies prevent us from curing death

April 22, 2015 Are you excited about Silicon Valley entrepreneurs investing billions of dollars to extend life... Read more...

Obama disproves his own assumptions about Iran

April 03, 2015  Barack Obama is pushing for a nuclear weapons agreement with Iran because he believes “the more... Read more...

Secular Sharia Law in Indiana

April 01, 2015 Americans cannot tell the difference between ethics and politics. The Indiana religious freedom... Read more...

Core principles

March 16, 2015 The content below outlines and highlight key Objectivist principles which lay at the foundation... Read more...

atlas commentary what r rights
How can you make sense of competing claims to rights?
atlas commentary obamacare
Welfare rights vs. liberty rights
atlas commentary cap morality
A capitalist society is based on the recognition and protection of individual rights.
atlas commentary modernity terrorism
Taking intellectual aim at the ideas that inspire Islamists.
"If freedom is to survive and flourish, we need a fourth revolution, a moral revolution, that establishes the moral right of the individual to live for himself."
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