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Laurie Rice is a scholar and manager of special projects for The Atlas Society. She is the editor of The Art of Reasoning, a logic textbook, and contributor to the best-selling book, Myths About Ayn Rand. ​Laurie is a​n​ administrator at ​the Association of Libertarian Feminists and Libertarian Reproductive Freedom. She has degrees in ​p​hilosophy, English, and ​p​sychology from Cornell College.

Laurie has published essays on Objectivist Feminist theory,​ free market feminism,​ the role of Objectivists in ending the U.S. military draft, and Bitcoin. Her work has been cited by Politico, Slate, The American Conservative, The Pan Am Post, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and ​MSNBC. She lives in Wisconsin, where she works in animal rescue and horseback riding.​ Follow Laurie Rice on Facebook and Twitter.

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