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  • David Kelley

    David Kelley

    David Kelley is a professional philosopher, teacher, and best-selling author. After earning a Ph.D. in... Read Bio
  • Aaron Day

    Aaron Day

    Aaron Day has eleven years of CEO and startup experience and personal domain expertise. Day is chairman and... Read Bio
  • William R. Thomas

    William R. Thomas

    William R Thomas is a best-selling author. He is Lecturer in Economics at the University at... Read Bio
  • Edward Hudgins

    Edward Hudgins

    Edward Hudgins, formerly director of regulatory studies for the Cato Institute and editor of... Read Bio
  • Roger Donway

    Roger Donway

    Roger Donway is a freelance writer and editor whose work focuses on philosophy, economics, and history. In... Read Bio
  • Laurie Rice

    Laurie Rice

    Laurie Rice is the research and program assistant for The Atlas Society, the editor of David Kelley’s logic... Read Bio
  • Sherrie Gossett

    Sherrie Gossett

    [Page under construction - 11/18/2015] Read Bio
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