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Latest Articles

Ed Hudgins to speak at Republican Liberty Caucus conference

October 07, 2015 Hudgins will be addressing the Republican Liberty Caucus’s annual conference in Nashua, New... Read more...

Ed Hudgins on C-SPAN Book TV

October 07, 2015 Atlas Society scholar Ed Hudgins will be interviewed on CSPAN-2 Book TV about his book The... Read more...

Civil War within the GOP

October 06, 2015 In New Hampshire—the primo primary state!—the Republican Liberty Caucus’s annual conference is a... Read more...

The Martian (movie review)

October 02, 2015 The Martian, from director Ridley Scott, is an exciting film about an astronaut stranded... Read more...

Europe, Assimilation, and Immigration

September 25, 2015 Europe says it will take in its new immigrants—is Europe ready to become a melting... Read more...

Pope Francis vs. the Cure of Reason

September 25, 2015 A young girl was recently interviewed on TV about her encounter with Pope Francis on his visit to... Read more...

Research workshop on emergence

September 24, 2015 The Atlas Society's Research Workshop in Objectivist Philosophy met on Wednesday, September 23, to... Read more...

Aaron Day leaving as Atlas Society CEO

September 23, 2015 Aaron Day has announced that he will be leaving his position as CEO of The Atlas Society.  Read more...


September 22, 2015 Is equality a social value? For equality before the law, the answer is yes: Laws should be applied... Read more...

Live today at 1pm -2pm: immigration and more

September 21, 2015 Today at 1:00 pm EST William R Thomas and Ed Hudgins will be guests on the Galt's Gulch Live show.... Read more...

Universal Equality and Nationalism in the European Refugee Crisis

September 20, 2015 The European migration crisis has exposed the profound contradictions in the European Union. Faced... Read more...

GOP 2015 Second Debate Rundown

September 17, 2015 The second GOP presidential debates (held September 16, 2015) were grueling affairs: four... Read more...
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